An IRC 501 (c) (3) Organization making contributions tax deductible.
Contributions from Individuals, Companies, Corporations and other Non Profit Organizations to assist families in buying their homes, to help families purchase reliable automobiles and to aid families in family essential budget expenses to maintain their homes, automobiles and costs associated with education, living expenses and monthly obligations.

Additional assistance for families in need of basic necessities and to aid the homeless.

Contributions are tax deductible under the USA IRC 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue Code.

Faith & Family Foundation
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From One Of Our Families:

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our homebuilding adventure began when our landlord decided to sell the home we were renting from him.

We looked to buy existing homes, but the ones we could afford on the Monterey Peninsula were not the most desirable, and the ones that were desirable were outside our price range.

With that, and the landlord driving us, we decided to look into building our own home. A little research led us to a company that shipped a manufactured home to us for less than the cost it would cost to build it locally. It was an irresistible deal and all the finances seem to be in order.

Half way through the project we ran out of money! Being missionaries on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ gave us a little hope of being able to raise the money needed to finish the project, but we were willing then to let it all go if that seemed to be God’s plan for us.

We spent time in prayer and fasting and even approached our supporters to see if God was impressing any of them to come alongside at this time. God chose to answer our prayers in a totally unexpected way that didn’t really include our supporters.  

God’s answer came in a call from our friend, Glenn Callahan, one of the directors of the Faith and Family Foundation.

Glenn shared with us that there were a group of people locally who wanted to help us get into our home: to finish the project! They came together, and under Glenn’s direction, became the Faith and Family Foundation. It was the foundations gift to us that filled the gap and enabled us to complete the project! We were, and still are beside ourselves with gratitude to God and the the Faith and Family Foundation!


Mr. David Cook and Mrs. Michael Cook
Military Ministry
Campus Crusade for Christ

To: Our Faithful Friends:

Faith & Family Foundation is now, twenty years old!

The Foundation has helped many families. Everyday expenses to costs for education to reliable cars to health related expenses and home investments.  The Foundation hopes to do more without competing with any church or organization, but to compliment those organizations and their members in need of assistance.

Our "Family" are those whom we assist; our "Friends" are those who contribute/donate to our cause.

Contributions are tax deductible as an IRC 501 (c) (3) non profit foundation with the Internal Revenue Service.

Thank you, all, for your contributions/donations and your consideration.

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